Grace Pentecostal Church, Palmetto Bay

Led city code-required public hearing for a small church looking to expand. Contributed to traffic study completed for public hearing to approve expansion. Provided continuing support through public approval process.

Whitten University Center, University of Miami, Coral Gables

Drafted woodwork cabinet designs and counter spaces as part of a major interior renovation of the student center. Coordinated construction so it did not disturb students and restaurant patrons. 

Miami Beach Historic Database


Surveyed each of the several (all pre-1942) historic buildings in Miami Beach. Created city’s first database of historic building architectural features, old and the current photographs and building card/permit information in one integrated system.

826 East to Oleta River Realignment/ Community planning  

SR 826/163rd Street (I-95 exit ramp to Biscayne Boulevard), North Miami Beach – Supported public involvement meetings, design of highway offramp and graphic presentation of the preliminary design for realignment and pedestrian safety improvement project, Haitian Creole language skills assisted in reaching diverse, Haitian population during workshops and meetings.

Traffic Circles in North Miami for traffic Calming

Implemented traffic circles designed to reduce speeding cut-through traffic in residential neighborhood. Ensured circles included irrigation, rain sensors, flood lights, landscaping, signage and safe crosswalks.

West Kendall Commercial Plaza Impact Evaluation, Miami-Dade County 


Analyzed the need of the area and drafted a recommendation based on the findings of both the current LOS supplied by FDOT and MDX as well as the new allocation of traffic based on future roadway improvement projects.

Redland Residential Development Impact Study, Miami-Dade County 


Analyzed impact of a large residential development planned for farmland. The project was evaluated as to the impact and infrastructure required for such project with relationship to capacity in areas such as traffic (LOS with regards to the planned projects for FDOT), water and sewer (with regards to the impact of the new family populations and usage of water and the sewage line capacity), the impact of the new families in the Public School system (elementary, middle and high school). The analysis aimed to evaluate impact on road, school and utility capacity, and measure impact on park and open space requirements.

Baptist Hospital, Kendall

Design support for interior renovation of a new outpatient wing of the hospital. This project involved very detailed cabinet work with specific height and width requirements.